Zero Waste

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Are you aware about all the food waste we produce together and the natural resources we destroy? Most people feel like it’s hard to make a difference, but Rob Greenfield proves the opposite. This man is the creator of The Food Waste Fiasco, a campaign that strives to end food waste and hunger. He practiced sustainable living to the extreme and it is amazing what he did! He has cycled across the USA twice on a bamboo bicycle and just created 2 pounds of trash the entire summer, this is about 200 times less than an average person! 

Want to learn how to live more sustainable and produce less waste? Watch this video where Rob Greenfield will inspire and learn you how to be part of the solution instead of being part of the cause. Learn how you can live a near zero waste life without going to the extremes that Rob did. We can change the world together!

Did you like this video, to watch more inspiring videos you can subscribe to Rob Greenfield’s YouTube channel.

Written by Sadja Faili

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