How to deal with loneliness

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We invite you to be aware of the connection we all share. Whenever you feel alone or isolated, remember we are all interdependent and therefore we human beings are together one. Oneness instinctually feels right. In nature, we can see this interconnectivity everywhere. A beautiful rose growing in the garden depends on the sun in the sky, the dirt below, and the rain that falls down.

But also in our daily lifes, for example; in our work, in our family etc., we can recognize that how well the company or our household functions depends on the single efforts that are unified, which in turn can lighten the load for everyone.


But whether we are at work, at home, outside in a park, at the beach, on a mountain, or maybe at a yoga class, we can find oneness everywhere. Just by choosing to be present that ables us to make a connection with nature or with people.


To feel connected wih people, for example with a stranger, we can simply say hello or smile. To feel connected wih our significant others, we can use our communciation and our behaviour in a way that foster our relationships. The quality of our relationships will depend on the mutual efforts we are willing to make that lead to understanding of the other and the fulfilling of each other needs.


What about making a physical connection with a romantic partner? For example, we may find ourselves laying in their arms. We can be present in this moment by just sensing the rhythm of each other’s breathing, and then we might notice our breath is gradually synchronised. In this moment, all is lost but just the two of you and the present moment. That is oneness.


However, we may find, sometimes, it’s hard to connect with others as we go through our busy and individuated lives. But remember, we are free to choose our own reaction in our life experiences. This will gift us an autonomy and therefore the freedom to create our own happiness and love in our life. Choose awareness for the connection that brings us alive, and remember only oneness will surive. Share the oneness and have a beautiful day!

Written by Sadja Faili

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