Video content creators wanted!

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We’re looking for video content creators to contribute to our blog and any other online content that we require. So, if you have a passion for spirituality, personal development, psychology, social change, and science or you are just a dab hand when it comes to writing or creating great content, then we’re looking for you!

What we’re looking for
We’re an open-minded community. Whatever your expertise, we welcome applicants from all kinds of different backgrounds and experience. Whether you are a regular content creator or want to get your foot on the ladder, if we see potential in you then you’re in with a chance!

What we’ll need from you
To be considered for a video content creator position, please send in a video (3 minutes max for video) on a subject appropriate to our industry and the service we provide.
*Able to work independently with minimum supervision.
*Committed to creating at least three videos a month.
*This is an unpaid position (you can check out our blog for inspiration!).
*Please also provide us with a short rationale as to why you have chosen that particular subject (i.e any techniques that you have used in producing it) along with relevant imagery or video content suitable for the post.

What do we offer?
Exposure on our social media and website; including a contributor’s profile.
*Acquiring WordPress skills and building up experience in writing.

*Help and support to build your business empire.

So are you a conscious content creator keen to raise your profile and attract more clients, then join our tribe and get published. Sound good? If you want to grow your creative business, then start to get your name out there and show what you’re capable of.

Interested? Tell us more about you and send us a message!
We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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