Use Hypnosis To Overcome Obstacles

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At Iloveyou500 we are always interested in new ways to explore higher consciousness, that’s why we signed up to volunteer for OMNI Hypnosis Training Center. Although hypnosis has a strange reputation and a lot of people tend to be very skeptical about hypnosis we want our readers to know what hypnosis is and what it can do for you.

Hypnosis has been defined in different ways by different people. A hypnotic trance is a form of dissociation. A trance is a natural state which we all experience from time-to-time. Day-dreaming is an example of trance. When we daydream we are focused on something internal, and we have decreased awareness of the things around us. Hypnosis has been studied since the 18th century. Similar phenomena have been seen throughout recorded history, as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

As an OMNI student you will learn that practicing hypnosis will allow you to have direct acces to the subconscious mind; because of this whe have to determine who we really are and what we feel. The operation of hypnosis can be explained by comparing the brains with the operation of a computer. In analogy with a computer, you could say that society and our environment is programming our brains consciously and unconsciously, causing it to have certain reactions and behaviors in later life.

When a person is born, they have access to a basic operating system. The young child starts a learning process by interacting with people and events in the immediate vicinity. It takes all the information directly, without critical reasoning to think about it. This critical reasoning ability is partly determined by the information recorded by the child at a younger age. This critical reasoning ability can be compared to a firewall from a computer; it will determine what is relevant and what is not and what information is important to the subconscious.

The essence of hypnosis is to by-pass the critical reasoning ability, whereby acceptable suggestions can be absorbed by the subconscious. The critical reasoning ability performs important functions for us. This ‘firewall’ protects us when we feel at risk and will encourage our subconscious quickly to action. It sends signals to the subconscious mind how to deal with emotions in our direct life.

In hypnosis, we are capable of amazing achievements; for example it can play an important role in overcoming obstacles. While namely willpower is defeated by the power of the subconscious can hypnosis our ‘firewall’ either temporarily work around our critical reasoning to identify the subconscious direct suggestions making it like ‘smoking’ can be dealt with permanently.

By using hypnosis, whether self-hypnosis or with an instructor you can reprogram your subconscious old patterns and responses so that they can become consistent with your new beliefs. If you want to know more about hypnosis you can contact Ina Oostrom for more information about how to overcome obstacles by using hypnosis.

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