The Venus Project

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Imagine a world without war, poverty, hunger, debt and other unnecessary human suffering. According to Jacque Fresco, the founder of The Venus Projectthese global disasters are not only avoidable, but also totally unacceptable. Our earth has enough resources to provide everyone with enough food, clothing, housing, medical care, relevant education and limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy. This can be accomplished through the intelligent and humane application of science and technology.

Our monetary system is outdated and according to Jacque Fresco we need a new system that utilizes the most current technological and scientific advances to provide the highest possible living standard for all people on Earth. He proposes a Resource Based Economy to replace our current Monetary-Based society to create a sustainable global society. Today our society is governed by laws that demand maximum profit where possible at all cost causing global threats. ”What is needed is not ethical people to govern our world, but rather a way of intelligent managing resources for everyone’s well being. Most of our problems today are technical but we are still looking for solutions through political means,” he says.

Are you curious about this project and want to know more? You can visit their website or watch the full documentary: Paradise or Oblivion. Liked this article? Please spread the word and share this article!

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Written by Sadja Faili

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