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Crystals have been used since the dawn of civilization. They were believed to have healing powers and many early civilizations of the Earth (e.g. Mayan, Aztec, American Indian, African Native, Celtic) often used them in ceremonies to assist them in becoming re-united with the source. They knew that the energy of these precious stones automatically resonate at the quantum level in harmony with our human body and mind. When we hold a crystal for even a brief seconds it begins to vibrate with our own frequency. They will boost, amplify and intensify the energies of our self.


Not only do crystals harmonize with our own energy vibrations, they are also synchronized with the primal cosmic force, life itself. And therefore they also help you to stay in harmony with life by raising your energy field. We can use the crystals when we meditate or sleep to benefit from their healing power. Even holding or wearing the crystals will have a harmonic impact on our body and mind.


Inspired by this knowledge, Lauri Ramos, Reiki Master and founder of Divine Schematic creates nature inspired luxury jewelry. She uses natural quartz crystals and gemstones and takes inspiration from nature’s subtle patterns, sights and shapes to create simplicity and beauty in every piece. The crystals are carefully handpicked, selecting captivating minerals that resonate higher vibrations. Through Reiki she cleans the crystals from the energy and vibrations they may have absorbed from their surroundings and are charged with Universal Life Force Energy.

Lauri believes that we as a human being are an energy field and are able to expand into much more than the physical. According to Lauri, in order to life a happy life, we have to use higher words and thoughts when we speak to ourselves and others. In this way we will change the magnetism of our body and resonate with the higher planes of the universe. Natural crystals can be really powerful to assist our process of changing our energy vibration.

At iloveyou500 we were blessed to got the chance to try the quartz crystals. I decided to use the crystal during meditation and held the crystal in my hand and placed it on my heart. After the meditation I could sense the difference because of the crystal. I felt more uplifted and reached a deeper level in my meditation. I will definitely try this more often.


Written by Sadja Faili

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Photocredit: Divine Schematic

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