A Quality Wellness Retreat in New York City

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Photo Credit: Curtis MacNewton

We all need those times. Those are the times the universe calls our name to replenish, recharge and revitalize: mind and body wise. I answered the call and found myself in the NYC last weekend. My purpose was to align my 2018 goals with a minimum amount of movement on an affordable budget. Ground rules:

1. No friends, no acquaintances, no work, no chores: me and myself only

2. Spend as little as possible and choose from a million wellness options that I’ve never tried before in NYC

My first stop was SoulAnnex, an exercise studio established by the Soul Cyclers. On a wicked cold NYC evening, I found myself in the Flatiron District to experience my first class.

Charlee and Le STRETCH

Duration: 50 min

Equipment: Mat and lacrosse balls of 2 different density

Experience: Release both your tight muscles and negative thoughts under the superb guidance of Charlee. Intensive stretching, lengthening and lacrosse ball self-massages will make you feel brand new.

Charlee: Such a warm personality with such a talented instructor! From the moment, you enter into her class, you feel the welcoming energy. In the intense moments that you feel the lacrosse balls so much and want to let go, her calming voice keeps you going. Her motto is

In my second day, I took the afternoon class at the SoulAnnex.

Laurie and the Link

Duration: 60 min

Equipment: mat, foam, and bands

Experience: A rehab type of class where your muscles elongate and you feel your bones settle differently in your body. It feels as if your skeleton has been removed and put back on, you feel taller, stronger and healthier.

Laurie: Laurie is (like Charlee) has a very warm personality. I was surprised because I read online before joining her class that many celebrities were her students. I have taken classes from celebrity instructors before and none of them were like Laurie. This I found very refreshing from the start. The class is tough, but here you’ve got this attitude makes you endure it from the beginning till the end.

SoulAnnex First Time Pack: 34 USD plus tax

Felt Value: Each class made me feel as if I am coming out from a 10-day Retreat from Miraval or something. We all know how much that kind of retreats cost.

Beauty and SPA’s

Surprisingly NYC has much cheaper prices when it comes to Beauty and SPA’s, so my next stop for the rest of my three days was spent trying to take care of my body.  Benefits of this series were replenishing my skin and hands.

For nails, I chose Nail and Stuff this time. The manicure was 11 USD if you pay in cash. It has the most amazingly decorated restroom.

Address: 120 W 33rd St

Between 6th & 7th Ave

New York, NY 10001

For upper lip-chin waxing and eyebrow threading, I chose Perfect Look Threading Salon. Everything was 15 USD. The view from the salon is amazing, you get to watch Madison Avenue from above.


177 Madison AVE

STE 2A – 2nd Floor

Between 33rd & 34th St.

New York, NY 10016


For this trip, I decided to eat as little as possible to have a detox. However, walking from avenue to avenue gets you very hungry instead. So, when I ate, I ate high fiber foods and I ate most of them here at Nanoosh. Nanoosh also has wonderful house teas, all brewed at the house. I had the Hibiscus Berry Tea and was amazed at how real it tasted.  A power plate with beef at Nanoosh along with their Hibiscus Berry Tea costs you around 15.00 USD with tax. A total steal for NYC and very healthy, too.


Summary: For less than 85 USD including tips I gave at the salons, I had a totally perfect 3 personal wellness days in NYC. A proof that you don’t have to break the bank to care for your body, mind, and soul.


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