Intention: How to Unleash Your Super Power

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The Nature of Positive Affirmations
Positive affirmations are the greatest gifts one can give to oneself –  completely free and unlimited. At first,they may seem like simple sentences in present tense. Once mastered, you will see that they are the easiest way we can lift up our spirits. Positive affirmations are also a great tool to make believe in ourselves. By doing that, eventually we will achieve our own potential.

What is intention?
My secret to forming positive affirmations is starting off by making an intention. For starters, intention, as we are using in our practice of consciousness, is our own infinite potential which activates our physical and mystic marks on Earth. It is the force we use in our lives to reinvent ourselves from time to time. And the only way to make a powerful intention to bow to it and surrender to its infinite power. You must deactivate your ego which is a set of codes who you came to believe about the world, yourself and your potential up until now.

So, now the question becomes, how can we make an intention?”

As the late Dr.Dyer pointed out, there are 4 steps to intention:

First one is the discipline. You must be in tune with your body and use it to activate your innermost desires by connecting with your soul. Energy fields are vibrational frequencies which, in fact, make up our souls. This field is affected physically, mentally and emotionally by the collective energy fields of others whether it is an high energy or low energy. Our energy fields strengthen when we use our thoughts to focus on positive thinking. We must exercise thinking positively on a daily basis. And we must do so to become our higher selves.The Higher Self is the part of us that connects us directly with our spiritual cores which activates our beliefs and expectations, so that we can re-create an higher life form for ourselves.

Then comes wisdom which helps you to become patient to reach your desires. When you connect your wisdom with discipline,your thoughts and feelings will be harmonized.

Love is the third step. This is when you find loving what you do and doing what you love empower you.

Surrender is the last step. When you reach this step, you will experience the world in a state of deep bliss. By accepting what is, you will relax and let yourself be carried away by this infinite power. Here, you will actually see that intention is spirit and spirit is always in a deep state of bliss.

Your superpower will transform your being slowly, the previous thoughts and beliefs you might have about yourself and your world will silently transform themselves into new positive patterns. It is merely like magic when we finally achieve this stage. For example, if you had a previous thought pattern that “I hate my body” silently transforms into a new positive one such as “I love my body”. Similarly, if you had a belief that “I never have enough money to make ends meet” will transform itself into “I am living in a world of infinite abundance.”

And the list will go on as to fit your newly reinvented positive self. Forming these positive affirmations will transform your world perspective if you do these on a frequent basis and you will see that as your views change, so will your life in concrete.

Finally, you will find the core of all these positive thoughts and patterns resulting from setting an intention, lie the search of the most important questions that you will ever ask yourself: your purpose.

Your purpose defines where you fit in all this chaos we call life. The greatest achievements you have not yet made will come from searching the answers to those questions. Take a leap of faith and surrender to the infinite possibility of how great you can be

You can do it.

Do it NOW!


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