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For hours and hours
Thou swipe and chat
Liking statuses; Staying awake
All night like a bat

Thou beseech virtual credibility;
Comment on your fere’s updates
With real life then
Why canst thou durst fate?

Thou believe in idea of happiness
For it has been sold hard
And seek it betwixt buying things
But things hath no skies starred

Thou work for coloured paper
Ignoring real perks
And spend the paper hither tither
Faking happiness like jerks

And thus a race hath begun
Towards infinity;
Bequeathed by the internet.
Have ye forgotten this race is into negativity?

Thou art available for everyone
But thy time isn’t scalable
Ever tried calling yourself?
Thou shall find yourself unavailable

See what thou hath wrought upon
Into a virtual world, thou have sunk deep
Thou art your own doppelgänger online
In reality thou art asleep

Jostle thine soul
I trow it’s still within
Seek yourself in naught
And thou shall find everything

By Raj Vora

Source Young, Wild & Free

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