Philosophical Meditation – A new meditation technique

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At Iloveyou500 we are a huge fan of The School of Lifea real-life school devoted to emotional education. They’ve recently pioneered a new form of meditation, named Philosophical Meditation, designed to help with anxiety, sadness and a lack of direction. It’s based on the western philosophical tradition and can be an alternative for eastern meditation, a technique where you empty the mind by focusing on your breath to clear disturbing thoughts. With the philosophical meditation you don’t need to clear your mind from you thoughts, instead you order these thoughts to remove the fuzz in your mind.

How does this works? You ask yourself these three big questions:

  1. What am I currently anxious about?
  2. Who am I upset about with and why?
  3. What am I currently excited and ambitious about?

All these questions you divide in sub questions to untangle, examine and confront all your disturbing thoughts. Life moves so fast, thus it’s very important to process and order your thoughts to prevent emotional problems. I am a huge fan of eastern meditation, but it’s not always easy to focus on my breath. And because I love the School of Life, I thought let’s give western philosophy a chance.

Firstly, I think this meditation is really a good practice for helping you to put things in perspective again. You realize your fears won’t kill you, and only live in your own mind. It also helps you to sympathize with others that have hurt you, thus frees your from pain. Simply, because you don’t take it too personal anymore. Something I really often do when I feel criticized by others.

This meditation helped me to solve a recent quarrel I had with a relative. I learned to look clear at the situation and understand someone else’s perspective. It also helped me to think about my own actions that may caused a certain response from others. I gained a new perspective of the situation and downplayed the negative impact it had on me before.

Finally, by doing this meditation I have realized which next steps I need to take to move forward with my goals and dreams in life. Something I otherwise didn’t come up with. All in all, I am very positive about this form of meditation and it’s really worth of trying it more often.

Do you want do decode your thoughts and clear your mind? Watch the video below and learn how to perform this amazing meditation technique.


Written by Sadja Faili



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