To do, or not to do: facing the cold

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Who would have thought a cold shower would be healthy? We’re all used to these nice and comfortable warm showers. In the morning you wake up and take a shower. Rubbing your eyes and try to get ready for your day. You rinse your hair, one last minute of comforting warmth and then it’s done…

Facing the cold
When they say Iceman, I normally would think about a Marvell comic, never thought they meant the famous Wim Hof and his method WHF (Wim Hof Method): facing the cold. In a nutshell: WHM is a mix of exercises and breathing/meditation techniques. After doing these techniques, you can face the cold. You can sit in a bath filled with ice water, you can breathe properly and can sit for a while, sure, it that easy… Don’t underestimate the power of coldness, but most of all, don’t underestimate the power of you. Your inner strength; ‘inner fire’.

Thirty seconds of coldness
I heard about WHM, but to be honest, I didn’t used the breathing technique and exercises. My first meeting with a cold shower was kind of arranged. Each week I follow meditation lessons and each week we get an assignment to practice that the next week. And a few week ago, it was finish your shower… cold. The next morning, I thought let’s do this. In a split second I switched from nice and comforting warmth to ice cold. Breathing quickly, I felt terribly cold and literally screamed, while I jumped and almost slipped in the shower. Ha! That’s why there are breathing techniques! Imaginarily I slapped my head, I could have known this homework came with a deeper meaning. But within a few days, I felt more at ease. I tried to breathe the same way when I sit and meditate. From a few seconds in the first week to thirty seconds of cold water nowadays, together with husband and daughter. Although the little one is just a child, she sees the fun and to me that’s precious. She grows up with things are fun, instead of difficult or stupid. In my opinion a win-win situation.
Sure, but why…

Just a few facts:
– More energy
– Strengthen immune system
– Improve circulation and metabolism
– Reduce body aches
– Heal and tone skin
– Eliminate toxins
– Regulate automatic nervous system

After trying this for a few weeks I still end my shower with thirty seconds of cold water, it isn’t something that I could do in just a few days. It’s that internal voice that speaks to you: “Don’t do it, it’s too cold. I am your nice and warm friendly shower and I’ll keep you sleepy.” Coldness is something we aren’t used to, so it’s good to start slowly. To be honest, I just downloaded the WHM app and see if I can add more things next to meditation and a cold shower. I feel fresh and focused and I’m going to continue this experience.

What I am capable of, anyone can learn.
– Wim Hof, ‘The Iceman’

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