Why do we have limiting beliefs?

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By Molly Williams

It is safe to say that not every belief out there is true. Or is it? What makes something we believe true? What makes us hold onto the beliefs we have formed? And, what behaviors or lifestyles are created due to our beliefs? The truth is, the only thing that makes something true is factual information and/or our decision to agree that it is in fact truth. We usually do not decide that something is right or wrong until the issue presents itself. When this happens how we are nurtured plays a huge role in our decision, but over time experience can change our views.

Beliefs are created when repeated thoughts are declared wrong or right. These beliefs influence us daily. Our beliefs help us create the “rules” we live by. Free will, a conscious, morals, and beliefs are just a few things that make us human. Beliefs, being one of the strongest factors in our makeup as human beings, allow us to decide if we trust, have faith or confidence in someone or something. It allows us to accept that a statement is true or something exists. At a very young age, we start to develop all sorts of beliefs. These beliefs may stay the same, grow or change over time. It is up to us.

There are many different types of beliefs and they are all unique to the person that believes in them. Limiting beliefs are one of the most common forms of beliefs. They are often the hardest to change and found in large groups of people. Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way. We refrain from certain acts, words and thoughts simply because of a certain belief. We can be taught them as children, learn them from life experiences or teach ourselves them out of a desire to change something. The most common limiting beliefs are ones that are directed towards ourselves. Our feelings help us discover these beliefs. Once we come to terms with our true feelings, we are able to deal with them and eventually they will fade away. It is important to deal with these limited beliefs because they will show themselves sooner or later – with or without your permission. They can show themselves in our home, workplace, health, relationships etc. If neglected, the limited beliefs we hold onto will keep us from prospering.

You may recognize of few of these common limiting beliefs
I can’t, I am/am not, I should/shouldn’t. I am worthless. I am a lost cause. It is a waste of time.
It is too late to change. I do not know where to start.

Why do we put limits on our beliefs?
People usually act in a way they are familiar with. This being said – Experience is one of the biggest factors. If we are constantly told that we are designed to fail, we will not believe otherwise. This deception creates a limited belief that affects our whole world. People strive to please others in order to “fit in”. This causes us to be influenced to believe a particular way. We want to fit in so we live in set environments to receive praise; because of this, we develop beliefs based on the education we have received. You don’t seek an education on something that you think you are already educated in. And when we do something that goes against the beliefs we have; we find excuses to justify our failures.

Justification helps us feel normal even when we start to notice that some of our behaviors and beliefs are wrong. But, at the end of the day, the thing that holds us most to our limited beliefs… is fear. People are scared of change. We forget that it is okay to fail as long as we keep trying.
We disregard the unlimited choices we have and the support system we will find if we put ourselves out there. The unknown is scary, but if you believe in yourself you will find something extraordinary that has been hiding all along.

What To Look For
Your body will let you know when it is overwhelmed with the limited beliefs. You may experience repeated health problems. Depression, anxiety, fear, boredom, an overall negative nature are also signs of a limited belief system. Once you start looking for these signs you will see a pattern between your mood, and health. You will notice things you are not fond of and would like to work on. Stop making excuses for yourself and just dive in. Take a few risks, be spontaneous and enjoy the one life you were given.

Four ways to eliminate limiting beliefs
1. Forget what you think you know and learn about the belief from an unbiased point of view.
2. Test your theory. 3. Create your own beliefs/opinions on the matter. 4. Keep an open mind; Bertrand Russell said, “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.” The truth is, we don’t know everything and if we keep an open mind we may just learn something!

Creating a positive, new you!
Some limited beliefs are in fact appropriate. Others are silly and can sometimes be harmful to our mind, soul and relationships. The problem is knowing the difference and how to separate ourselves from people or environments that push us in the wrong direction. Creating new beliefs and finding out what feels good may not be easy but it is certainly worth the time and energy you will put into it. You will find that being positive and kind to yourself is in fact a whole lot easier than beating yourself up!

Author: Molly Williams, Contributor Iloveyou500
Editor: Daisy Thé, Co-Founder Iloveyou500
You can follow Molly here: honest_addict@instagram

Photo credit Lotte Jongetjes for Iloveyou500

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