Love is love, from the heart of the music artist to the hood

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In many ways, progressive hip-hop encourages young people to change their thinking. In fact, hip-hop icon Ice-T was quoted saying that rap music was like CNN for the black community. Jadakiss and Styles P are bonafide hip-hop heavyweights whose careers have spanned three decades, but their legacies may be solidified by something other than their music.

Through their chain of juice bars, Juices For Life, The LOX members are looking to provide a much-needed place for people in low-income neighborhoods to consume something good for them. These neighborhoods are often referred to as “food deserts,” since access to nutritional food is virtually nonexistent. “Most of the hood don’t have access to good food, most of the hood don’t have health insurance…” so the two rappers rationalize, a juice bar achieves several goals: Uplifting the community by providing a place to work and a place to seek nourishment.

It’s also a platform for the rappers to tell their old neighbors how they feel now that they’re leading a healthier lifestyle. Go on and check out the amazing interview Elite Daily put together with these heroes.

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