Let Yourself Thrive

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We all want to be successful or develop rigorously in life, that is, we all want to THRIVE. Everyone that worth knowing has been obsessing about how to manifest what you really want lately. Every day either a successful life coach or a famous public figure seems to be emphasizing the importance of living the life we all want to live. For me, these messages mean only one thing. It means that finally, people all around the world have realized the importance of making our lives count. Each minute we spend on this precious world is a gift and almost everyone who has achieved something significant and alive in this era is aware of that.

Change is an inside job

My personal experiences all confirm that manifesting my dreams is possible through by going inward. Once upon a time, a friend of mine said that “Change is an inside job”. The moment I heard that statement, I became aware of two things:


  1. I had the POWER to create the life I want. I had the POWER to THRIVE. And so did everyone else.
  2. If I wanted to create the life I want, I needed to take responsibility for my actions as well as the things I was reluctant to open myself up to new practices.

These revelations opened up new possibilities for me. I realized that I wanted to be in charge of my life and focus my energy on what truly mattered to me. I wanted to make my future as bright as possible for myself, but I wasn’t yet sure about how to make sense of the meaning and purpose of my life. I wanted to THRIVE.

I read somewhere that the best way to understand one’s deepest desires was to ask good questions to uncover them. So, I started asking questions to myself without trying to be overwhelmed by fear with the sole intention to rediscover myself. And these questions I asked myself helped me connect with my higher self, that is, my true and authentic self. At first, there were at least 100 of them. But in time my questions to rediscover myself simplified to these questions I am sharing today with you below:


  1. Where would I be and what would I be doing if I knew that no one would judge?
  2. What are my biggest and deepest fears that I am aware of up until now?
  3. What are three things that I know deep in my heart that I want to manifest the most, but hold myself back?
  4. What are three things that I achieved in my life that I am proud of?
  5. What does it look like to have reached my utmost goals in life?


As an addition to my daily personal growth practice, I still answer these questions every day when I wake up and go to bed. The answers I receive from my higher self-are not the same to my amazement. The more I practice the more I feel the strength to visualize how magnificent my life can be. When I do, I receive messages from the universe in forms of small gifts and I feel I am getting one step closer to thriving. I also understand how I blocked my own way and what kept me from thriving in the past. If you are also feeling that you want to get your higher self out there and thrive, but feel paralyzed how to do it, just use the above questions as a starter. And please do share the little gifts you receive from the universe in the process with me.

I have a feeling that we can all make our lives magnificent together this winter!

Just remember:

You are the miracle you are waiting for

You are the captain of your own soul

You are the Spirit


Most importantly, you are the LOVE.

Once you find the way to connect with your higher self, you will THRIVE.



With Love & Inspiration,


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