Let the Vibration of Peace Flow through You

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By Paramhansa Yogananda

Soul vibration results when a person is always conscious of being with God, and when you are with such a person, you feel the presence of God. That is the vibration to carry with you wherever you go, so that whoever comes in contact with you may forget all but the power and love of God. Try to be the clear crystal through which the Sunlight may reflect to all mankind. This kind of vibration gives joy to you and at the same time it burns away all evil.


The vibration of God is the most intelligent of all and produces perfect harmony. When you let that vibration pass through you, all other vibrations become harmonious within you. That is why Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all else shall be added unto you.”


The God that Paramhansa Yogananda perceive is as real as and more real than all this human life. By constantly desiring that my eyes should be opened, I received Him. I had closed my eyes to Him, but through unswerving determination and constantly trying to surround myself with harmonious vibrations within and without, through regular meditation, my eyes were opened, and I saw Him templed everywhere.


So remember this: Develop a fine sensitivity. After you meditate deeply, use that perception and all the feeling that you have after meditation, and concentrate that feeling in the heart. Then it will give you power to radiate good vibrations and to absorb good vibrations, and it will also give you wisdom. Let that vibration flow through your hands, eyes, and speech, and whoever that interacts with you.


Editor Sadja Faili



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