Kurdish Popstar is kicking ISIS’s ass with her music

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Famous Kurdish popstar Helly Luv has battled against ISIS who calls for revolution against ISIS in a high production music video. She has received death threats from ISIS from setting a bad example to Muslim women. But she’s not afraid: ”A lot of people ask me how it feels to receive death treats, but I try not to focus on it and focus on the good parts of my journey. In a way, I feel privileged to be attacked by ISIS because it means the message is as strong as their weapons and their violence,” she says.

In her fist hit ”Risk it all” she sang about Kurdish independence and her second hit ”Revolution” is about ISIS attacking the borders of Kurdistan. It was recorded 3,5 km away from ISIS and shows Peshmarga soldiers fighting against the Islamic State. She felt like the world wasn’t hearing about Kurdistan’s voice and the struggle and the pain they are going through with ISIS: ”My message is enough for me. If there’s no me tomorrow, then I will be so honored that people got my message out. I think these things are very important to talk about. I could do a song about poppin’ in the club and all that stuff but I think it’s so useless. I understand that’s it’s fun to go out to the club but again, while you’re in the club with your friends, there are millions of people dying and suffering. You can’t be ignorant and just close your eyes from that. As long as there are people dying and suffering from terror and violence, you’re also responsible for it.”

Her message is strong: with peace and love we can fight ISIS! And although she is on ISIS most wanted list, she is willing to fight for her people. Watch ”Revolution” below and enjoy the music video! For more videos you can subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Source: Vice and Playground

Written by Sadja Faili




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