What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

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Your subconscious has something to tell you,
do you dare to find out what it means?


Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping is healthy, it is important for our brains and our state of mind to have enough sleep. I’m sure everybody knows what dreams are, yet most people don’t take their dreams serious. Dreaming is a way to reflect your feelings, with or without any logics in them. Some people say they never had a dream, but i’m sure they forgotten while waking up.

It is hard to immediately understand the dream you’ve had.
You’ll have to dream it at first, write it down while it’s fresh and search for meanings and emotions which you are currently dealing with. You will have to find connections between your subconsciousness and real life. It may be hard but it’s not impossible! But how do we know if it is the right answer you’re looking for?


“Dreaming is one of the best ways for the subconscious mind to get your attention.”  (Source: Maria Shaw)


Whenever you feel it was right, it probably is.
But make sure that you are really sure if you are determined to work it out into something you can work with. In this case you will have to be open minded about everything.
Maybe you could ask some help from someone who knows more about it. It could be a psychologist or a fortune teller. It is important to follow your feelings, this may help you get more peace in body and mind.


Types of dreams.

Did you also know that we’ve got many different types of dreams? They could be telling you to be careful, either warning you about something upcoming into your life and sometimes about someone you’ve lost.

It is possible to think you might have a dream that doesn’t make sense at all, but does it? Behind every lie is a truth, you just simply have to find out the truth beyond those lies. This kind of dream may be the hardest to find out but it could say most anything about yourself you might not know yet. You can either ignore or listen to your dreams. Whatever you choose, choose wisely.

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