The Infinite Battle of Life – A poem

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Human life has always been tortured by severe plagues that are believed to be solved with control of the mind.

With our minds we would stop the battles of life between poverty and wealth, (mental)disease and (mental)health, ignorance and intelligence, natural disasters and humanity, war and peace created by conflicts caused by religion, communism, capitalism, and terrorism.

But plagues will continue to return our lives, if we fail to realize human suffering resonates the battles of the mind. We can’t control our life, if we don’t have peace inside.

We fight between ratio and heart, power and love, fear and passion, bad and good. But when we let peace flow into our minds, ego and soul will reunite.

Only love can harmonize the duality of life. We can heal the world, if we can heal our mind.


Written by Sadja Faili

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