How to improve your breathing

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Breathing is not only keeping you alive, it’s also necessary for your state of mind to breath correctly


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Everybody breathes

Every living creature or plant on this planet called Earth is made from four major atoms: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. Without those atoms we wouldn’t be alive today. Did you know human lungs inhale about 12 to 17 liters or air every minute? And during a high exercise your approximately to get 370 liters of air? Wow, amazing!

What does breathing do to your state of mind?

Have you ever stood by and looked at people who are performing yoga? They are always so calm and peacefully, aren’t they? 

Breathing does not only regulates your daily state of mind and your health, but a lot of other things too! It is important to breath correctly to get inner peace with yourself, it will give us the ability to handle stressful life situations and connect with the circle of energy around you. It also helps our concentration and on a longer period of time also with possible illnesses.

“Breathing is the key to self healing and becoming one with yourself.”
Andrew Weil M.D.

How do I breathe correctly?

First you have to divide your breath into three parts of your body. For a good breath you need to use your lower abdomen, middle abdomen and chest.

When you inhale, make sure you fill up your lower abdomen first, then the middle abdomen and at last your chest. By exhale you breathe out the air first at your chest, then middle abdomen and as last your lower abdomen. It may be hard at first to control your breathing, but when it is done right, it should go effortlessly.

You may compare it with drinking a glass of water. When you fill up the glass of water, you fill up first the bottom, (lower abdomen) then the center (middle abdomen) and then at last the top (chest). Same with drinking the water, first you drink the top, then the center and the bottom at last. So simple, right? 

“Drink enough water, mind your breathing,
and remember to smile!
You are beautiful.”

Mevrouw S – MylifewithS


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