How to change your life by changing your energy frequency

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Have you always wondered what’s the best way to fulfill your dreams? Do you need to be lucky or can you create your own luck? Can you change your reality?

The answer for all these questions is the same. Just look into your soul to find your inner beliefs that hold you back from living the life you wish to lead and change these beliefs. How do I look into my soul, you might think? Well, it’s actually quite easy. Just try to manifest your dreams, and your soul will love you enough to show you your ”crap”, created by your beliefs, that blocks your energy and prevents your dreams! To lose this ”crap” you have to change these malapdaptive beliefs. This will help you raising your energy frequency that encourages you to adopt adaptive behavior you need for creating your dreams.

For example, I have the ambition to start a company, but by manifesting my dream I came across lots of barriers: lack of motivation, discipline, money etc. I wanted to know why I had these barriers, so I looked for an explanation for my dysfunctional behavior. I figured out I was just too tired and too depressed to realize my dream. But will this belief motivates me to change my behavior? I would have to change my belief, despite my failure, to overcome my barriers. Because only then I will be motivated to learn new adaptive behavior. People don’t choose failure, but they choose their beliefs. So you can either keep a maladaptive belief that creates failure or you can just throw it away. For by only changing your beliefs, you can change your outcome. For example should I tell myself ”I am not capable of becoming an entrepreneur, because I am too depressed and lazy” or should I tell myself  ”I will become a entrepreneur, because I am willing to give everything what it takes to become one”. By adopting a new adaptive belief, you will immediately raise your energy frequency and in my case I will be motivated to work hard that will help me to attain my goal!

Which beliefs are blocking your energy for fulfilling your dreams? What kind of ”crap” do you experience in your life? How did you explained this ‘crap’ to yourself? These explanations are your inner beliefs and justifies your maladaptive behavior that hold you back from a real change. Remember you have a choice in changing those inner beliefs in the way you want them to be!

Written by Sadja Faili

For more information about raising your energy frequency to change your reality watch this amazing lecture on youtube of Christie Marie Sheldon, one of the world’s leading energy healers and experts on intuition.


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