Use negative emotions to know what you want

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Sadness, unhappiness and negative emotions makes you pay attention to detail. I hear you thinking ‘how is that even possible’? Well, it certainly is. Dealing with negative emotions is difficult but we are here to give you practical guidance to work with your negative emotions and how to learn from them.

1. Get ready for something different – Do not blame other people
Before you can really dig deep, it’s really important to understand that YOU are responsible for all of YOUR emotions. No one else. You may have heard this explained before as, “you only get upset at other people for things you see in yourself”, though sometimes it’s hard to see the correlation.

2. Observe and take responsibility for your emotions
As you keep observing the emotions, you’ll notice this is true in every situation. Social psychologist Joesph F. Forgas discussed how periods of sadness make us pay more attention to external details, which provide a wide range of benefits in information processing. Forgas writes about this topic in an email to the Huffington Post.

Forgas writes:
In a sense, good moods signal that the situation is safe, familiar and that existing responses are appropriate. Negative mood in turn signals that the situation is new, challenging and the greater attention to new information is required to produce an effective response“.

So how do negative emotions and bad dreams are giving you the solution to find out what you really want? When you take responsibility for your emotions, you take power over your emotions away from everything and everyone else. Now that you have that power, you can begin your transformation.

3. Ask the right questions; why do I feel pain?
Experiencing pain usually happens when we resist change, or expect an outcome and get something different and become triggered to feel a negative emotion. But what exactly causes us to be triggered? What is it that feels like it’s under attack? When you observe an emotion carefully, you’ll notice there is a deeply rooted belief systems that has been challenged.

4. How to discover your limited beliefs and let them go
Let the emotion be. Don’t try to suppress it or it will just surface again later. You can even feed the emotion to make it last and allow as much of it to be released from your system as possible. Sometimes there are underlying beliefs that lie under the first belief. Ask yourself if this belief still serves you. If it does, ask yourself why you think so? If it no longer serves you, let it go. Visualize the belief leaving your body and feel yourself becoming lighter.

5. Pay attention to dreams; dreams can reveal hidden truths, supressed emotions and feelings
According to Natash Dern from TheDailyvibe dreams emerge from the unconscious and occur in the Theta Brainwave state. In this state, we are open to receive insights/information from the subconscious. In the deeper state of Delta, our minds are passive and therefore can pick up cues from the energy of people, places, present day or future situations from what Jung referred to as the collective unconscious. Tapping into this collective mind is a rich source of information, guidance and spiritual directives.

Watch this interesting video made by Teal Swan where she explains what dreams are and how to understand them . Teal Swan is a Clairvoyant, Spiritual Catalyst, Healer, Author, and Poet.

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