What is the source of loneliness?

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How different would our lives be if we just took a moment and reach out?

Toronto-based filmmaker Waseem Shaikh wrote the award-winning short film “Cold” and released the movie online for free. The film is about one night in Toronto where several lives intersect—”each of them oblivious to the loneliness that connects them all,” said Shaikh. He also said the film speaks to “the feeling of isolation one often deals with in gay circles.”

Loneliness is a very difficult topic to write and talk about. The statistics show that one in ten people suffer from chronic loneliness, yet in real life almost no one seems to be affected. Why is this? Why is there such a mismatch between the reality of long-term loneliness and the silence that surrounds the subject? It seems we can talk about everyting from depression, anorexia, even bipolar disorder, but loneliness is a strange affliction that’s never mentioned.

Why are people lonely? Is it because the world is more and more connected, it actually becomes easier to feel left out? We believe that the real cause for loneliness often reflects the hunger of a soul that is yearning for a different way of being with others – for a different way of life than seems possible, given the way the world. This yearning for what has not yet arrived is often the source of great loneliness. The soul that is hungry looks around for relationships that it feels compatible with. It seeks greater intimacy and love, and often does not know how to create these in situations where others define relationships in a different way.

Watch this beautiful short movie and take time to sit with each other in stead of just passing by.


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