Hey, it’s okay to be angry

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Have you ever reached the end of a long day, and just felt the need to take your anger out on something? Maybe your boss has been stressing you out and it’s time to release your anger towards him. Learning how to express rage can protect your body, heart and mind.

When we describe the process of getting mad at someone or releasing our anger, some people get anxious and want to leave. They are afraid of anger and of expressing their anger. I believe we are civilised people who do their best to suppress, redirect and mask their anger. We treat our anger as though it’s unreasonable, unshowable and not normal. But like all emotions anger has its purposes, which can be used to good effect.

This is why I’m interested in this new phenomenon called ‘Rage Room’. So what exactly is a Rage Room and how can it be beneficial for our health and mind? The Rage Room is a facility where you can forget about the world and release all your angers. They say it is the safest and most reasonable way to lash out and leave happy with a clear mind.

Watch this video, it could be your cure to mega madness. Now you can act physically out on your daily emotions and stress.

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