Can positive intentions transform water into crystals?

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Is it possible to change water molecules with our intentions? According to several studies of Dr. Emoto, a Japanese researcher (1943 – 2014), our intentions positive or negative can change water molecules into beautiful symmetric crystals or unattractive asymmetric crystals. With the use of words, music, pictures and prayer the molecules would change in form that was captured by a microscope. Emoto concluded that these external effects influence the energetic structure of water.

The human body consists of approximately 70% water, this suggests that intentions can also affect the human body. Expressing good intentions, therefore, can be healing for human. However, unfortunately, Dr. Emoto also received some critique on his research, because lack of some scientific norms. Despite the criticism he did accomplished to write a New York Times bestseller and his ideas appeared in the movie ”What the bleep do we know”.

Watch this video below to see a fragment of one of his experiments. What do you believe?
Can human consciousness really influence the molecular structure of water?

Written by Sadja Faili

Photocredit: eskipaper


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