Find out how Orthodox Judaism mix with Hipster Fashion; meet the Hasidic Sisters

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Picture this you adore modern fashion but you are deeply religious. You want to dress modest, wearing your religious symbols or even want to wear a religious dress. A lot of scholars may not have appreciated that fashion and religion mix, but go to any big city in the world and find out for yourself that it is possible to combine religion and modern fashion.


Meet the two talented Brooklyn designers Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik, wifes to two rabbis and owner of clothing line Mimu Maxi. They both live a religious life and believe that Jewish spirituality and fashion go hand in hand. Their fashion-forward personal style has led them to become more in touch with their spirituality, their community, and a larger world of women from all religious backgrounds looking for modest fashion that’s also exciting.


The girls have come under fire for sharing a picture to Instagram of a popular Muslim fashion blogger wearing one of their designs. Mimu Maxi, a boutique specializing in modest-yet-stylish clothing, received dozens of furious responses from their Jewish followers, who accused them of being ‘insensitive’ to the worsening conflict in Israel. The sisters-in-law behind the line, Mushky Notik and Mimi Hecht, responded on Facebook, saying they stand by their decision to post the picture 100 percent because ‘this kind of collaboration and awareness is a huge component in fighting ignorance and hatred toward Jews.’ Well, we like their attitude, their designs and we also believe that fashion and spirituality are universal ways to connect with various people from different religious backgrounds.


Photo credit: onlysimchas

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