What are dreams telling you? (Part two)

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Did you ever had a dream about falling, being naked or getting bad grades?


What happens when you fall asleep?

Did you know that our brain is more active during your sleep then when we’re awake? Therefore we have at least 3 to 5 NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) periods every night we sleep. Which basicly means that those are dreamless sleeps, they occur every 1-2 hours apart from each other. This might explain why you are able to have multiple dreams in one night! But how does it actually works? Let me explain the 4 divided stages of NREM.

Stage 1.
You are laying comfortable in your bed, snoozing and dozing off. The moment when your falling into a light sleep is that moment when your first NREM starts. You’re starting to breathing regularly, relaxing all of your muscles and letting your brain be creative. You are also likely to have muscle contractions at first, which could feel like a sensation of falling out of your bed.

Stage 2 and 3.
Those are the deepest stages of all 4, your body will sleep so deeply that no one is able to wake you up easily. This is also called as delta sleep. Stage 2 and 3 are similar to each other, the only differences are slowing down the brain waves with every stage.

Stage 4.
In this last stage your brain waves will be very low, that is why you are able to hear your alarm clock when it goes off. Your brain and body is rested enough for your brand new day full of positive energy and adventures!

(Source: www.prevention.com)

List of most common dreams.

  1.  Falling.
    Dreaming about falling is a serious matter, you could be having a major trouble with work, a relationship or maybe an secret life? You really have to do something about this before it gets worse!

  2. Teeth falling out.
    Teeth are a symbol of power and confidence. When you dream about teeth falling out it means something has happend and about you losing your confidence.

  3. Naked.
    Most people that are dreaming about being naked have most likely a new job, new school or a new life ahead of them. Being naked is vulnerable, just like new opportunities. Just handle them with care.

  4. Running into tests or being chased.
    This is especially for those who are perfectionists. This dream may say to you to be alert at all times and it can be very stressful if you are willing to do everything perfect.

  5. Dying.
    This dream is not necessary about grief or losing someone. I could tell you to stop doing something whenever it won’t help you. It could be an old dream of yours, or someone who hurts you and keeps on hurting you. Maybe you should back off from it to be happy again.

  6. Cheating.
    Dreaming about a partner or friend cheating on you is terrible. It happends when your partner or friend gives you less and less attention in order to keep your relationship going.

  7. Flying or driving.
    Whenever you are flying in your dreams it actually means that you have everything under control. You are heavenly floating/driving around the world! Keep it going.

  8. Pregnant.
    The start of something new, it could be an brand new idea, a new lifestyle or maybe actually starting a new life. It is exciting.

(Source: Droominfo)


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