Clear your mind, raise your spirit and find happiness!

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Do you need a time out and do you want to feel renewed again? Maybe it’s time to sit down and have a good conversation with your inner self? Spend more time in nature or start eating clean will make you feel more balanced. As for me, I visited Adidam to look for inner peace and happiness. Adidam opens their ashram for a two day free retreat in the southern part of the Netherlands.

The theme of this retreat, based on the wisdom of Adi Da Samraj, is how to find and locate true happiness. To locate happiness, it is important first of all to understand our unhappiness. Important questions in the retreat are: How can we be truly happy if things are constantly changing? What is the ego? How can we go beyond the feeling of separateness, being a separate self? According to spiritual teacher Adi Da Samraj the help of a guru is crucial in this process. The founder of Adidam born as Franklin Albert Jones (November 3, 1939 – November 27, 2008) is definitely a very interesting and intelligent man. He founded the new spiritual movement in the seventies and also worked as an artist. Adi Da developed a map of potential human and spiritual evolution that he called “the seven stages of life”. His teaching seems to show many similarities with eastern spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, but at the same time stands on its own. It does not start with the search for happiness or enlightenment, but with happiness being always already the case. For over 40 years Adi Da combined his philosophical and spiritual teachings with his unique work as an artist. He was working with one main goal: to help people to realize the same truth he had realized and has described his teaching in many books. With his art as a visual communication of truth, he wants to draw the viewer beyond separateness into the paradox of indivisible unity. During the retreat there is the opportunity to view his artistic work in the Adi Da Museum of Art.

The location

The accommodation is based in a former monastery. A very quiet place, with all that you may imagine. Guests will stay in their own private bedroom and will have time to relax and contemplate about what they’ve learned during this retreat. During meditations I found out that having a fixed schedule focused on wellbeing is more efficient than just sleeping out and do my normal routine on weekends. How you wake up each morning is important, and what you do after you wake up is even more critical, as it sets the mood for the rest of your day. Making time for spiritual practices in your normal routine makes you more focused, energized and happier. During this retreat we tried several spiritual practices such as visualization, meditation, yoga, group sessions, and contemplative walking. Walking in presence made me wonder that I can actually choose to be happy right now, if I want to.

The retreat is guided by a team of professionals who will take you through an amazing journey. They help you to find a way to live your life more inspired, with pleasure and a happy smile on your face. They find that also private conversations (most of all sharing personal stories with others) can help with your growth in your own unique situation. They are happy to serve you and welcome you in their beautiful ashram and provide you with the spiritual knowledge of Adi Da. The Adi Da Ashram (The European Danda) creates a whole new way to have your rest and find more happiness. Located in the beautiful area of Echt, practicing yoga and having mindful conversations with other participants and the retreat team while enjoying organic food and tea will make you feel more relaxed and happier. Interested in this inspiring retreat? You can contact Adidam for more information about the retreat and Adi Da Samraj.



 Daily guided group considerations

 Daily yoga and meditation sessions

 Inspirational walks in nature

 Organic meals

 One night accommodation

Contact for registration and more information:
European Danda
Annendaalderweg 10
Maria Hoop (Limburg)
The Netherlands

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