“BEYOND” Varanasi India

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“BEYOND” tells the story about three guys from New York that went to Varanasi in India to complete their latest photo series from different religions over the world- ”Holy Men”. In this documentary they photographed Sadhu’s, a type of a Hindoe wandering monk that dedicated his life to spiritual liberation. They have left behind al their material possessions, because they only value the mind.

“BEYOND” is an exclusive documentary featuring photographer Joey L. Set in Varanasi, India. The documentary by director Cale Glendening follows Joey and his assistant Ryan as they complete their latest photo series- “Holy Men.” Almost every major religion breeds ascetics; wandering monks who have renounced all earthly possessions, dedicating their lives to the pursuit of spiritual liberation.
Their reality is dictated only by the mind, not material objects. Even death is not a fearsome concept, but a passing from the world of illusion.

The cinematography and photography are real and astounding. Cale Glendening, Joey L, and Ryan McCarney accomplished to build bonds with the Sadhu’s and captured the true identity of the Sadhu’s. This documentary proves that capturing an amazing portrait isn’t just about the latest gear or technique, but truly the subject.

Want to know more about the Sadhu’s and these amazing guys? Watch the documentary below.


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