How Chinese Medicine Helps Improve Your Sex Life

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Want to spice up your romantic life with Traditional Chinese Medicine? Prepare to consume an allegedly sexually arousing 8-course snake dinner? Check out ‘Munchies’ host Felix Fang in her visit to chef Lupe’s restaurant, in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, where he serves an eight-course meal of boa constrictor. According to Chinese traditions, snake dish has sexually arousing effects that will give both excite you and give you enough stamina for a sexual all-nighter.


Call it a quest. Call it a search for the perfect dish but I am happy to travel the world to find something special. I am a big fan of healthy food and also interested in strange foods. That’s why I have to share this interesting short film about eating your way to better sex. Scientific studies show that certain vitamins and minerals can boost hormone levels and can also increase nerve sensitivity. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, snakes are used for food as an aphrodisiac and eaten either raw, smoked or cooked.


Do you dare to eat this sizzling dish? Well, why not if Gordon Ramsey eats it so can I!
[Warning: This video contains strong images]

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