Are you a Giver or a Taker?

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In life you will meet three kinds of people. The Giver, Taker and the Matchers

Which one are you?


Most people assume they are givers in their life’s, but are they really? Adam Grant is a young man of 35 who works as an author and as a professor in the United States. He has studied this behavior for several years and he says that our illusion of being a Giver is bigger than he thought. Luckily for us, we need all three kinds to balance our world.

“It is like borrowing a pencil. A Giver will give you one because they love to give and share, Takers simply keep the pencil and the Matchers will ask what you want for return. (Eye for an Eye) ” – MylifewithS.

The Giver.

The name says it all, Givers love to give and say “thank you” loads of times. They care about everyone and everything, just like a loving mother who’s taking care of their child(ren). But how do we recognise those kind of people in our daily lives?

By observing people you can see it almost clearly. You will see that Givers do not only give things, they like to be helpful too. They will help out with everything you will ask of them, it could be helping an old lady across the streets or doing little errands for you. Because of all those good deeds most people don’t see what a Giver all day does for all those different kinds of people.

Are you a giver? Then listen wisely and be very careful with yourself. Most Givers will continue making other people happy until a burn-out breaks out because they forget themselves. Even then, they will continue making other people happy. If you notice one maybe you could make their lives a bit easier by helping thém with something? Because Givers are more likely to walk away instead of asking for help. We love our independence!


The best match with a Giver: Other Givers and Matchmakers.


The Taker.

“Let me see, i had a lighter here somewhere. But where did it go? Oh wait – i borrowed it to someone few days ago.”
Does this sound familiar? Then you probably encountered a Taker who is not going to return your lighter.

Takers are most often very polite and giving at first when you met them. But then again, if you just met that person, you can not see that they are a Taker unless you observed them first for a longer period of time. But eh, let’s be real, we don’t do that do we? It’s seems like stalking ugh! No, we are not gonna go there.

Takers are good at making you feel bad, after you’ve been treated badly they will be very nice to you. They call that: Kissing Up and Kicking Down. You can also see it as a sandwich: They say something good (bun) and then say something very bad about you (toppings) and then again something good about you again (bun).

Other then that they have very good promoting skills, human knowledge and vision. They take what they can get and it could be everything or anything. As long if it is about them.

The best match with a Taker: The Matchmakers.

The Matchers.

Matchers hate it when they see Takers taking it all away. That’s why the Matchers are here to help others, they balance giving and taking so it gets equal. But it is a very hard position to be in. They will do anything for you as long as they are able to benefit from it.

But what comes around, goes around. Matchers will most likely become Takers as well. If a lion lives on greens and it get to taste the meat.. Well you know what is gonna happen, right? So always question yourself if it is worth it and if it is something you really need.

The best match with a Matchmaker: The givers, other Matchmakers and the Takers.

To see the full video of Adam Grant, click here.

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