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We are a growing intentional and international online community-based in the Netherlands. We are formed by a group of professionals from every walk of life who strive to integrate spiritual insights with top-notch scientific evidence as well as sharing the pretty little things we experience in our lives as artistic expression.

We take our essence from the true loving Dutch Spirit and we are committed to sharing uplifting and creative content on all of our digital platforms to enhance the collective connectedness of the contemporary global human experience.

Below are all the ways in which you can contact us. Please feel free to ask any questions that will help you out.

Email us:

> info@iloveyou500.com with Advertising questions

> mailtoiloveyou500@gmail.com with Contributor’s questions

> Submit your work or Editorial questions?

If you’re an artist, photographer or designer keen to raise your profile and attract more clients, then submit your work and get published. If you share the same mission as we share, then contact us to get yourself out there and show the world what you’re capable of!

If you’d like to submit your work to Iloveyou500 send us a message!