5 ways to increase your happiness

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How can we increase our happiness? We want to share with you 5 suggestions that can help you to boost your happiness level.

  1. Realize that complete satisfaction doesn’t exist. Don’t expect that every part of your life will be ever perfect. Complete satisfaction doesn’t exist, because it can always be better. Accept this fact and be grateful for the things you do have!
  2. Focus on the reasons behind your actions. You can complain about your work, but also think about the positiveness of your work. Your earn some money in order to do the things you really love. And always remember that you have a choice; you can always quit. However when you will, you will have to accept the consequences from your decision.
  3. Don’t let your life rest on one aspectYour life has different facets. Don’t focus on just one element, else you will risk to lose your joy in life when that one element doesn’t meet your expectations. It can claim all your thoughts and blunt the pleasure of everything else in your life.
  4. Take care for a good night’s restDon’t cut back on sleep. A good night’s sleep provides you sufficient fuel for the next day. Your attitude will also be more positive.
  5. Enjoy the ordinary. For example walking the dog is something that has to be done, but while your walking your dog you will get some exercise in pleasant way, you have time to think and you have the chance to meet nice people. So enjoy every moment!

What can we do (on a daily basis) to apply these suggestions in life? Here are 5 ways.

  1. Everyday take a moment to think about what you have and express your gratitude, even when things went wrong use especially these moments to be grateful.
  2. When life knocks you down, it is no good to bury our heads in the sand and doubting the future. Keep your goals in your mind. Think about your misery as an exam and when you overcome this, you will be stronger. And when something really doesn’t suit you, realize you are not stuck with it. Everything in life is without obligations.
  3. When something you really want in life doesn’t succeed, remind yourself there are other important facets in your life. Name these facets to yourself and express your gratitude. When it’s right, it will come your way!
  4. Make a timely start for your daily obligations and be focused. When you get up think about the negative. consequences when you decide to do something else. This will motivate you to hurry up and prevent that you will feel guilty in the end for not having enough sleep, because you had to work on late.
  5. When you don’t feel like in your obligations, take little steps. For example, when you feel overwhelmed by the mess in your living room and don’t feel like in cleaning it up. It’s easier to just clean up one plate, then clean up some glasses, clean up your table, clean up some mess on the floor, clean up the whole floor. Before you know it, you cleaned up your whole living room! Just start and think small. In the end you feel so much better!

Written by Sadja Faili

”Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”  – Denis Waitley

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