5 Free Ways to Feel More Zen

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Relocating to the United States nor feeling zen here was easy for me. I’ve left a certain lifestyle and network behind to begin again here on my own – not to mention without having many of the privileges I’ve enjoyed all my life. Family members and close friends started sending me SMS’s and e-mails soon after they discovered I was not here for a business trip like I used to be. Many of the messages were sincere warnings about how unhappy I will be if I were to stay here for the long-run. They meant: ” You can never make it on your own over there, little lamb. Come back, come back now.”

Although I am still far from making it here (compared to my previous life), it is safe to say that I achieved feeling more zen. One of the reasons why I thought living here would be good for my mind and my soul. I’ve learned these mindfulness practices from watching and observing the ordinary citizens in how they show up in the world with the way they talk and the way they behave. Totally in ordinary settings like parks, supermarkets, and public transportation. Practicing these learnings on a daily basis not only added more happiness and gratefulness to my life but helped me get more in the zone.

So, here’s the free zen recipe I follow when I feel all blue:


  • Breathe: The air is clean all year round almost anywhere in the USA. Take moments throughout your day to breathe in the clean air and be mindful of it. Benefits – strengthens your presence, helps your body burn fat and overall well-being.


  • Smile: Smile to yourself, smile to a stranger, smile when you are going to bed, smile as if you have no cares in the world. Benefits: Increases the serotonin levels in your blood, instant happiness boost.


  • Hold the Door for Someone: Such a small act of kindness can help you feel connected and accepted by the community you are in. Feelings of connectedness and acceptance reduce stress and anxiety. Where I am coming from, people always did hold the door for me even when I was a small kid. I expected to door to be held open for me at all times and never ever anticipated the feelings of joy I would feel if I were to return the favor myself. Benefits – Raises feelings of connectedness and acceptance, reduces stress and anxiety.


  • Appreciate Uniqueness: People recognize me for my capacity to love more than most. It is only after I got here that I’ve truly sensed my true capacity to love and appreciate the uniqueness. The USA is a natural mosaic of every race in the world. It was not so easy to open to understand and appreciate all the other cultures I was not intending to learn about before I got here. Benefits – appreciating raises your heart’s magnetic field making your heart a magnet for attracting the things you want, broadens your perspective and expands your learning edge.



  • Volunteer: The United States is a powerful country because of the intentional collective willpower of the people. There are many opportunities for you to get social and at the same time help people for free. Volunteer activities also help you feel positive about your talents and strengths. A great platform to see what you are made of and meet like-minded people. Benefits – discovering your full strength set, empowers your mind and keeps you involved.


  • Love: You can use the word “love” as many times as you like in the USA: I love you. I love it. I love life. Citizens of the USA use the L-word freely with no fear or no expectations. Perhaps the greatest freedom this land gives you is the freedom to love and say that you do. Benefits – freedom of expression, boosts confidence and raises your personal vibrations.


What is your zen recipe? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


With Love & Inspiration,






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