13 Easy Life Hacks To Simplify Your Way Of Living

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Look no further, I’ve got 13 super easy life hacks to simplify your way of living!

Everyone has nowadays less time for him or herself because we live quite busy lifestyles at home, at work or at school. I’ve got 13 super easy tips for those who would like to have a little more self-time. Who doesn’t like to keep the errands simple and easy?

  1. Say goodbye to all the clothes that are lying on the floor!
    When you take off your clothes or don’t know what to wear and put on every piece of cloth that you have, put them immediately on your bed and fold them again! This way your clothes will always be organized so you won’t have to clean up your room. Your room will always be tidy! (Remember dirty clothes go right away into the laundry basket!)

  2. Do you want to eat less?
    Try to fill up a smaller plate to eat less, your eyes are always bigger than your stomach!


  3. You won’t be needing a whole day to clean your house if..
    If you just clean a bit between your regular day, then a whole day of cleaning won’t be necessary. I usually clean my tables after every meal, if i spilt something or after having company. Laundry could be done every two days in the evening and hang up before you go to bed so you can fold the clothes before going to work.

    So either way, if something takes less than a few minutes, do it right away. Turning this in a habit will help you out a lot!

  4. Scan your passport, ID and itinerary and send it to your email before you go traveling.
    This way you are able to go home in case of loss or theft.

  5. Spend less money?
    Try not to take your credit card with you everywhere you go, unless it’s planned. You will buy less impulsive stuff and eat a meal before you go away will save you money on bad food and a lot of other stuff! Making a shopping list and only getting your items on the list will help as well.

  6. First Aid after eating very spicy foods.
    No water, no milk, no any other dairy contained products! Try something sour, like pickles or pickle juice. I will guarantee you it works way better than anything else.

  7.  Eat a banana after working out.
    Eating banana’s after workout will help your muscles repair itself so you have less or no muscle-ache at all the next day!

  8. Always having trouble with finding the beginning of tape?
    Take a paperclip and stick it to the end of your tape, this way you will always find the beginning!

  9. Contact cases are awesome!
    Use them for lotion, creams or any other tiny thing that fits in there, this way it doesn’t have to use a lot of space in your (hand)bag!

  10. Ice cubes are too watery for wine once they start to melt.
    Freeze grapes and use them instead!

  11. How to waterproof your belongings without spending so much money.
    Just rub it with some beeswax and every piece of dirt of water will fall off easily!

  12. Biological, easier and cheaper way of unclogging your sink?
    It is possible! Just take a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar and pour it into your clogged drain. It will poof away in seconds!

  13. The perfect cooked rice.
    With this awesome idee i can guarantee you awesomely cooked rice without any difficulties. This is something i have learned myself without any information of cookbooks: put some fresh water into your tea pot and let it cook. (This also comes in handy when you don’t want to wait until your water is boiling in a pan!)

    Then grab some rice and put in into your cooking pan, take the teapot and pour in some water until your rice is an inch under water. Take the pan lid and put it onto your pan with rice. Now put the stove on easy and in ten minutes (keep checking the pan so it doesn’t burn, NO STIRRING ALOUD! Stirring rice is only meant for risotto rice.) your rice will be nicely dry cooked!

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